lindsey + bobby

It was such a treat for us to film the wedding of Lindsey and Bobby! They chose to have a destination wedding at the iconic Don CeSar hotel on St. Pete Beach. Having met in graduate school in Nashville, they started dating after friends pressured them to get together when they were both in Connecticut the following summer. Lindsey fell for Bobby’s wit and Bobby passed the ultimate test – winning over Lindsey’s dogs. With a remarkable beach wedding, Lindsey and Bobby got married May, 10, 2014.

Watch their film here:

Lindsey and Bobby from Voila Cinematic on Vimeo.

Event Planner – Confetti Events
Venue – Don CeSar
Florist – Botanica
Entertainment – The Headliners
Photographer – K and K Photography
Hair & Makeup – Jess Waldrop
Rentals – Signature Event Rentals
Linens – Connie Duglin

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kimberly + matthew

We are so excited to film the wedding of Kimberly and Matthew last spring! It was a beautiful wedding held at the amazing Ritz-Carlton Sarasota. Their wedding was glamorous yet elegant with a white and metallic color palette and crystal decor. Kim and Matthew’s wedding was just featured in The Knot and we couldn’t be more excited for them!

Kimberly and Matthew from Voila Cinematic on Vimeo.

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flamingo chic

One of the most fun weddings we have shot in the last year was the wedding of Owen and Susan Wilson. It was a beautiful wedding at a private residence in Naples, FL. Susan wanted an elegant and romantic soiree with a fun, Florida feel. Their wedding brought all of these elements together in a creative and beautiful way. Susan and Owen’s flamingo fabulous wedding has been featured in two publications already and we are so excited to have been part of their day.

Meet the designer behind the flamingo watercolor and extraordinary color palette, Ceci Johnson. Ceci featured Susan and Owen’s wedding in this week’s issue of Ceci Style Magazine!



We loved being part of this wedding and celebrating with Susan, Owen and their family! Watch their amazing film below!

Susan and Owen from Voila Cinematic: Associate Films on Vimeo.

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the power of a moment

The power of a moment – this is what the art of filmmaking is to us. We believe that even the most perfectly gorgeous wedding is only as great as the moments within it. When we met Callie and David, we knew we had hit the jackpot for storytelling. Not only did they have an incredible wedding, but their entire day was made up of special moments with a true emphasis on the love between two people.

We often encourage our couples to take some time to exchange cards, write personal vows or arrange a special moment with their parents because those are the moments that add so much to a film. This is where a wedding film transforms from a documentary about the day to a touching story about love and family. These precious moments are what evokes emotion in the audience and will always remind the couple of just how special their day really was. The moments of a wedding day can be so fleeting. Being able to capture some of the most beloved moments is what makes filmmaking such an amazing and invaluable medium.

Callie and David’s wedding day gave us so many treasured moments to capture. We were lucky to capture a beautiful first look between father and daughter, a romantic card and gift exchange between the couple, perfectly written and meaningful vows, and a wonderfully fun time for old friends. This is truly what the wedding day is about – the power of a moment.

Callie and David from Voila Cinematic on Vimeo.

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Tips for a Fabulous Film

Wedding films have the opportunity to go from “good” to “amazing” by following a few insider tips. Meeting with your cinematography company is a must for any bridal to do list. Here are a few pointers for making the most of your wedding film.

First, consider the time you have allotted for the filmmaker to be a part of the day. If the team is booked for 8 hours and the day is going to last 10 hours, it is often a better use of time to have the shooters come early and leave before the festivities are over. We feel that a large part of the “wedding story” happens prior to the ceremony. The emotions during the getting ready time are often at their most vulnerable and are such an important part of the day. The family seeing the bride for the first time, the groom toasting with his guys, the girls getting their make-up done are all such fun moments to capture on film. These moments are certainly more important than two hours of dancing at the end of the night.

Also, talk to the filmmaker about special moments and stories that are important to the family. Are the bride and groom exchanging gifts? Is their a family member having a birthday or anniversary that is going to be acknowledged? Have friends come from across the world to be a part of the event? Is the ring the bride is wearing a family heirloom? These are all great pieces of information for the shooters to know so that they can capture the things that are most important to the couple.

Identify who you are as a couple to the filmmaker. Having a conversation in which the bride and groom talk about their interests, their hobbies, the key players in the day allows the filmmaker to know who he/she is working with on the day. If the bride and groom are a casual couple who love sports, they may be more comfortable getting shots on the beach that are organic and fun rather than formal posed shots in a church. All of these details help make a film that is unique to the couple rather than a cookie cutter product.

Lastly, if a “first look” is happening, be sure that the first look will be uninterrupted by anyone. For example, the bride and groom should not be told to stop for a shot as they are walking towards one another. This is one of the most special moments of the day and the bride and groom should be able to enjoy it without feeling like there is a camera interrupting the moment.

Having a good working relationship with your team will only help the quality of all aspects of the wedding. Hopefully these tips will give you some great ideas for a flawless and special wedding film.

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