Voila Cinematic combines the timeless beauty of your wedding day with the art of filmmaking to bring you your perfect love story. Inspired by the great filmmakers of cinema, Voila Cinematic brings style and sophistication to the art of wedding films. Leaving behind the mundane video styles of the past, Voila creates a piece of art that perfectly reflects the essence of you as a couple. Great filmmaking means capturing the natural, subtle moments that make life so complex. Never is this more important than on your wedding day. With a Voila Cinematic film, you will experience a transformation each time you watch- an emotional transformation to one of the happiest days of your life.


Husband and wife team Alex and Jocelyn Karas bring very different backgrounds to their event film business and in doing so, create a seamless experience and product for their couples. After years of filming for the family and working at the TV station at his high school, Alex went on to study film at Princeton University where he received his degree in film directing. He also studied video at University of South Florida where he received a Bachelorʼs degree in Television Productions. After graduating from college, Alex produced for some of the hottest television networks in the country including ESPN, MTV, and VH-1. He worked on television shows such as “Hogan Knows Best” and “My Big Fat Fabulous Wedding.” Alex found that although he loved television work, he missed the feeling of connecting his art with the emotion of those around him. Out of that realization, Alex founded Voilà Cinematic. Jocelyn grew up in Kentucky and graduated Suma Cum Laude from Northern Kentucky University with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Artistic expression has always been Jocelynʼs passion. After graduating from college, she lived in both New York City and Los Angeles where she pursued a career in theater.She went on to sing and dance all over the world aboard cruise ships, in regional theaters, and even touring the country in a national tour.

Upon settling down in Tampa in 2003, Jocelyn worked behind the scenes as part of the Creative Team for the entertainment department at Busch Gardens. Seeing the business her husband had cultivated continue to grow, the couple decided that Jocelynʼs artistic eye and love of people would be an asset to the company. In 2007, Jocelyn became the other half of Voila Cinematic. She meets with potential clients, coordinates the details of the wedding day, and assists in editing and producing of each film. Four years later, Voila Cinematic is one of the most sought-after films companies in the southeast. Alex continues to hone his craft. He is one of the only certified Steadicam operators in Florida and has been a featured speaker at several event professional showcases. To Alex and Jocelyn, film is much more than using high tech equipment to put a picture on a screen. It enables them to capture moments forever that would otherwise be left to oneʼs memories. “Watching a couple relive their wedding day through our work is a blessing unto itself. Knowing that countless other people will share their happiness by watching that film is one of the greatest joys we have even known.”